Permaculture video

I’ve been wanting to post some videos on the blog for a while as I still feel that they are a great way of explaining an idea. Next to seeing something first hand a video gives a greater insight into many principals of permaculture.

This one comes from “Peak Moment” a weekly half-hour TV series featuring conversations about local food, renewable energy, transportation alternatives, preparedness, economics and other areas of concern as we move into a period of declinging fossil fuels.

Give it a look and then check out the rest on you tube. This is my favourite as I love the chemistry between the presenter and the guy.

Suburban Renewal – One Backyard at a Time


2 thoughts on “Permaculture video

  1. What a delightful surprise. Good on you for posting this video. I was absorbed by the images as the conversation meandered through the issues and permaculture principles so relevant to all of us no matter where we live.

  2. What a great find- thank you for sharing! I’m with a group called YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) which makes short green videos on environmental solutions from across America. I think you’d really enjoy our most recent video, which is on permaculture (only 4 min).

    We’re in the process of editing more of the interviews we’ve filmed over the past year. Stay tuned for Wes Jackson of the Land Institute- his interview was amazing. Keep up the good work!

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