bags of room

I’ve not posted for a while as the last few weeks we’ve had loads of visiters and I’ve been trying to get jobs done in the house tiling the floor painting etc. We have always had an open house and if we lived in a place that junkies and maniacs would not just walk in, the door would always be open.

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I want to say a big thankyou to are friends Brick and Steph for our shopping bags, I’ve been using these cotton things that are a bit crap, but these are brilliant loads of room and biodegradabel maximum hippy points. They are from

10 thoughts on “bags of room

  1. dibnah says:

    I’ve nearly worked out this link business ??!?11/?2/112/1/21/22222@@

  2. Mel says:

    Nice to see you back. The bags are super, and if you get a chance to go to the actual store in South Manchester, it’s even better.

  3. Sarah says:

    You missed the [/a] bit out at the end of the link, i think? 🙂

    [a href=””]blah website[/a]

    Although not from such a good source, home bargains in Ashby have some bags like that for 49p at the moment, fairly small but i find a good size for a small local shopping trip.

    Then i keep a small (normal carrier bag sized) cotton bag in my everyday shoulder bag – folds down to next to nothing so i always have it with me. (although whatever I do, I still have to argue with the assistants in Boots over bags)

  4. greentwinsmummy says:

    love those bags Dibnah,I looked at the site but couldnt see if they were available to buy online from there?any ideas or is it me being dim & not looking in the right place…or are they local bags for local people hahahah! :O) yeeerr gaaaaaaaa you Dorset folk find yer own bags gaaaaaaa hehehehe

  5. dibnah says:

    no I don’t think that you can get them online. I must ask my friend where they got theirs from.

    Steph where did you get yours from?

  6. Klickbeans says:

    I asked a friend who was going to the shop in Manchester to get me a load . . . i had a large email conversation with women from the shop and NO they don’t send the lovely bags out! So Manchester you’ll have to go GTM . . .

  7. dibnah says:

    I’ll ask Bolton to get a load next time he’s coming back as he lives there now.

    Hope all is well at the Klickbeans.

  8. greentwinsmummy says:

    Dibnah I would be happy to post you up the readys & postage etc if you can get one,I just love the make do & mend one,it remind me so so much of my nan & that phrase is such a good motto to live by :O)

  9. dibnah says:

    Next time my friend is coming up I’ll let you know.

  10. Klickbeans says:

    there £1.95 a bag! Bargin!

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