Junk mail

I’ve just got five bits of junk mail throught the post, this may not sound strange as most people get this amount on a regular basis. Why I get anoyed is that I have been signed up to the mail prefrence service for about six months. I also have signed the Royal mail’s opting out service which means no one at the address will receive an unaddressed mail item, apparently.

The other reason that this junk mail anoys me is that living on a council estate all our junk mail is loans, “borrow even more because we have you all trapped now!” The average person in my area is on a low wage and probably struggles at some point money wise. The constant stream of offers for a simple way out must be hard to ignore. This is not just a nuisance it’s bullying when you are already in a corner.

Ethical mail is what I want not just individuals ‘opting out’, even that makes it sound as if you are missing out on something. I don’t think that there is any place for advertisement through the post.


6 thoughts on “Junk mail

  1. Its the bottom feeding habits of these companies that disgust me and Its time the government did something about it.They have for too long thrown the futures of the vulnerable to feed the city.’Easy payments dear’ yes for the rest of your lives.

  2. tortugo23 says:

    I don’t know what you get over there on the
    island, but in our junk mail here there are
    postage paid return envelopes included. Now
    imagine all the creative things that can be
    done to those and then mailed back to the
    company. Or just send them back empty, just be sure to remove any tracking information that
    may be on the envelopes.

  3. dibnah says:

    Yes we get those too, I know somebody who puts my, I mean their own address over the top and uses the pre paid postage.

  4. Oh yes – grrrr indeed!

    Mailing preference certainly cut down our junk mail a lot and I would recommend it. But still get stuff from companies I have had contact with in the past – and that “To The HomeOwner” rubbish.

    It also annoys me the sheer utter waste and that we have to recycle junk that we never asked for in the first place!

    Maybe when we get charged for our refuse and recycling collections by quantity something will have to be done to stop it (as the masses will sit up and shout!).

  5. dibnah says:

    Thats a very good point I had never thought of that before.

    I feel another post coming along.

  6. Bose says:

    Normally I don’t write about other peoples blogs, but this one really caught my eye

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