Shock to the system

I had to go to the shops today to buy clothes! My most feared of activities next to going to the dentist. Some people love to get new clothes I hate it. I can never find anything to fit my skinny arse and what does fit, I don’t like. I then get anoyed and buy something that I don’t like but have to wear.

As with most of my shopping trips, it was born out of necessity, as all of my jeans/trousers have huge holes in the knee, I say knee as it’s always my right knee. It starts as a little hole that I can live with but then as I put them on in the morning I end up putting my foot through the gap causing it to rip.

I still wear clothes with holes in, round the house and to the local shops but I feel that I should make an effort, occasionally, if only for the wife, I’m only inches away from being a hobo anyway, so needs must.

I have done well as I can honestly say that I did not buy one item of clothing last year. I was bought a jumper but that was second hand and cost £5. Todays shopping trip cost me £45 for a pair of jeans, a pair of combat trousers and a belt, from the king of cheap shops TK MAX.

Although like I said nothing ever fits so I end up with something I don’t like and today was no different. I took three pairs to the changing room, none of them fit me then I realised that I had stepped in dog shite somewhere, great. By this time I had been in there too long so grabbed two pairs of trousers a belt, paid and left.

On getting home I realised that the combat trousers have a flower on! However I’ve come to terms with it and feel that I am comfortable enough with my sexuality, to pass it off, that and the fact I don’t want to take the girly trousers back and say that “these womens trousers don’t fit me can I exchange them?”

I hate shopping.


5 thoughts on “Shock to the system

  1. Colin says:

    There’s nothing wrong with flowers Ant, if anyone questions it tell them you are a permaculturist they should throw them 🙂

  2. Mo says:

    Why don’t you buy from charity shops? Or better still, pass the word round and before you know it everyone is giving you their old (or often new) unwanted clothes. I’ve probably bought about 5 items of clothing in the las 5 years. OPC’s (other people’s clothes) rule OK!

  3. dibnah says:

    I do normally buy from charity shops and have done for a long time. Part of the problem I have is finding clothes to fit, the mens clothes are normally huge on me.

    There is also alot of wasted time in going to charity shops, I have found some real bargains over the years but that was when I was at uni and passed them every day. I would have to take a bus to the town now and risk not finding a thing, then having to go again and again to find something.

    That coupled with the fact that I hate shopping means that, when I have to I want it to be quick and painless.:)

    As for asking around everybody knows I’m a bit of a Steptoe round here so I’m never short of offers for stuff but with clothes it’s all about size.

  4. Sarah says:

    Ashby is a goldmine for charity shops though…

  5. dibnah says:

    books and kitchen stuff but not mens clothes. My favorite one is the one opposite the market which is open three days a weeks for about twenty minutes and everything is 20p.

    Can you remember the one on the corner where the grocers is now? that was the best one. I’m sure that I saw the veg growing expert in the book shop last time I was in did you not want that? If it’s gone I’ve a copy of in in a pocket edition. I got it free when I had an allotment, that reminds me I still have the key.

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