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Thanks to everybody who regularly visits to read my blog. From the cluster map I can see that there are a lot of people from across the pond and many different parts of the world interested in our little life. Keep spreading the word and thanks for the support.

Balkan adventure

I’m off away this week to Bulgaria with the wife and a friend. It’s the first time I’ve flew for a few years and it may be the last. I used to love to fly but now it makes me nervious not to mention the carbon footprint I’ll leave behind. I’m thinking of making it my last trip by plane, I can save myself from worry and cut down my emissions. I also like the thought of travelling through Europe by train.

We are flying to the capital Sofia and then travelling by train through the mountains to Varna on the Black sea coast. Sadly on the way there we are going by sleeper train so the views will be wasted but we will make up for it on the way back. I’ll post some pictures on when I get back.

Needless to say I’ll not be posting for just over a week.

march’s permaculture veg patch

I’ve been a little busy to get alot of things done veg wise these last few weeks but March is normally one of the busiest months of the year. Seeds are constantly on my mind in march, wether it’s the ones that I’m sowing or the ones I need to buy.
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Now is the time to get out all those seeds that you saved from last year so that you have organic and free seeds aswell as a knowledge of the seeds past. That is if you remembered to save all your seeds rather than plonking them on the compost or eating them! Over the past years I’ve managed to save more and more, if you are growing the same thing year after year there is no real excuse not to.

I don’t have a greenhouse I have to make do with a table near the window but if you are careful you can make best use of such a small space. If you have no greenhouse then don’t sow crops which benefit from that type of environment and think about which seeds can be sown in a prepared bed. With these two thoughts in mind you will realise that you don’t need much room at all.

If I had a greenhouse it would be full but because I don’t I have to plan the growing season well. All the seeds I can sow in a prepared bed save me having to find space for them. It also means that I have a few more weeks before they have to be in the ground. The seeds that can be sowed straight into the ground are normally those which require thinning rather than special individual treatment.

Yesterday I sowed squashes, chilli peppers and tomatoes as for me these are much easyer to deal with when they can be seperated, they also benefit from an extra bit of TLC. Also if I’m honest I love to watch squashes grow. I also sowed three tubs of raddish which is a great crop as it ‘s quick to germinate.

Permaculture video

I’ve been wanting to post some videos on the blog for a while as I still feel that they are a great way of explaining an idea. Next to seeing something first hand a video gives a greater insight into many principals of permaculture.

This one comes from “Peak Moment” a weekly half-hour TV series featuring conversations about local food, renewable energy, transportation alternatives, preparedness, economics and other areas of concern as we move into a period of declinging fossil fuels.

Give it a look and then check out the rest on you tube. This is my favourite as I love the chemistry between the presenter and the guy.

Suburban Renewal – One Backyard at a Time

fruits for the future

I went to the local garden centre yesterday as I’ve been wanting some fruit trees for a while to add to my permaculture/perennial garden. I have been trying to get hold of some local variets of apple tree but it’s been hard trying to track down where to get them from and I can’t wait any longer. I will still try and get some as I want to create an espallier wall at my mothers as she has the room.

After spending too long looking at each tree I decided on Malus domestica ‘Jupiter’ or ‘an apple tree’! It’s on a MM106 rootstock which is a little large for my garden but I’ll just keep it heavily pruned. I decided on this instead of the M27 that I was after simply because it looked the most healthy and had a good shape and amount of branches. More branches = more apples. It ripens in October so should be reay for my birthday and be a little addition to my cider enterprise. Oh and it cost £18.99.

I now just need to find a place to put it. I will try it infront of the summer house as even though directly infront of it there is a lot of shade, it’s tall enough to have it’s branches in the sun, if you get what I mean.

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If it works it will mean that that area will be productice as at the moment it’s just used to store stuff or rubbish through the year.

Also like when you are in any shop I ended up with more than I went in for. I also bought three blueberry bushes,for £14.99 an early, middle and late. In theory that means fruit from July to September. I think I’ll try and grow these in pots but I’m new to fruit growing. I’m still waiting for a decent crop of Black currents after three years although the goseberries were brilliant last year but I guess that wasthe weather.