how much of my fruit and veg is local?

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On the left is produce from abroad and on the right it is mainly local apart from the apples.

I always try and make sure that I get as much of my shopping from local shops as possible, partly to support local businesses and not big supermarkets. A local shop is part of the community as well as being able to source local produce. However I wanted to see what percentage of my grocery shop came from a local source.

This is a ordinary grocer’s not a farm or organic shop. I could walk alot further to the edge of town to an organic farm shop but I choose not to as I find it difficult to get to and more catered to the middle class market rather than the ethical shopper. I admit that the price puts me off.

We try and grow as much as possible for ourself but we still do not have the room to be fully self-sufficient in fruit and veg, so have to resort to the grocers at this time of year. I try and buy as much local produce as possible as it’s supporting my locality and also local, normally means that it is in season too.

I would say that on average my grocery shopping is 50/50 local to food from abroad.
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All this is grown locally apart from the apples which come from another part of England. The eggs are free range and also come from a local farm.
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This pile is the one that I always struggle with. Do I need bananas and grapes? The answer is no but we love them so what can you do at this time of year, when there is little by the way of seasonal fruit? The other veg are also not in season but with a vegetarian in the house I like to have a wide range of foods on offer. I also love mushrooms and these were on offer, the whole bag for 50p as they were on their way out, so I saved those from the bin.

This whole shop came to just over £11 this will last us a week, together with what is left over from last week. I decided not to buy meat this week as we have alot of fish in the freezer and have been eating alot of meat recently and I made a promise to our daughter that we would make more vegetarian meals. We are well stocked with other food so that will be about it for this week, not bad for a family of 5. On average we spend between £20 to £50 on food a week.

No it’s not all local and it’s not all organic but I like my local shop and I still try to make sure most of my other food is organic and only a small percentage comes from the supermarket. It’s a step in the right direction.


8 thoughts on “how much of my fruit and veg is local?

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s a problem i struggle with too being veggie, I do like vegetable based dishes such as roast veggies, veggie lasagne, chilli etc, and during non-summer seasons there’s only so much british veg available. Much as i could happily live on parsnips, spuds, onions, carrots and broccoli i also need a good variety in my diet!

  2. dibnah says:

    Don’t forget cabbage!!!!

  3. Ian Bolton says:

    …and cow. Cow is really great all year round. Oh, sorry, vegetarians can’t eat cows.

  4. Ian Bolton says:

    oh yeah, you were on about fruit veg. Sorry Antony. Blog n Roll.

  5. dibnah says:

    I’ve just been looking at beansprout’s blog and saw that it’s Fair trade fortnight

  6. I always try, too. I regrettably fall into the trap quite often of buying things from supermarkets without checking the country of origin first.

    Buy British – less food miles – and help the planet.

  7. Sarah says:

    I hate cabbage. truly. well. apart from sauerkraut/in spring rolls/raw white cabbage. If you can get me eating the green stuff in some other format, i’ll be impressed.

    I took a trip to the market today and got baking spuds (UK, i think?) carrots (uk), cucumber (??), cherry toms (??, but i doubt UK), baby spuds (portugal.. the closest geographically they had), sweet potato (didn’t say.. likely the states?), oranges (no idea, not uk tho i bet :P). Chris got UK celery and broccoli.

    … shopping for local produce is HARD.

  8. dibnah says:

    I find that alot of produce comes from Holland at this time of year. Then like you say the rest comes from south Africa, America, South America and New Zeland.

    I bought organic seeds today from a health food shop,Pumpkin and sunflower which are from China. I also love cashew and pistachio nut which come from Iran or America.

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