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Take back control don’t live your life through a catalogue. Why support mass production and designer culture when you can be an individual and help reduce waste by reusing old furniture. There are so many positives when you do this, you often get old furniture cheap but not as with modern culture at the expence of quality. Most of the furniture we have is pre 1960’s and we have never paid over £100 for any piece we have. The white kitchen cabinet in the photo was £75, the green one was free and the one in the middle was £20. Most of them needed a little work but mainly just a paint job and a good clean.

They give us loads of space, a sense of individuality and best of all a cheap kitchen. Many people spend thousands on a fitted designer kitchen as seen on TV or in a magazine. They buy into a lie that this will give them credability and style, where as in actual fact it’s just boring and will be out of date in six months.

So much good quality furnature gets smashed up and sent to land fill each year, furniture that can so easily be reused again and again. It’s just a sign of our throw away and fickle culture that something over ten years old is dated where as something over one hundred years is a sort after antique.

I do admit that part of it for us is we like having an eclectic house, I don’t think that we have a new piece of furnature in the house but there is no reason why people with no real interest can’t pick something up from freecycle or a secondhand shop.

Free yourself keep kitchens freestanding.

Now before any of my friends say “hang about, you have fitted sink units” yes thats true but only because they are the ones that were there when we moved here. We simply made new fronts and replaced the handels. We recently got a new workopt as we put the old sink and worktop in the utility room. We tried to waste as little as possible.


5 thoughts on “freestanding not fitted

  1. Aranya says:

    Great site Antony, good to see what you are getting up to & a good way to record your permaculture learning & inspire others at the same time. There are a couple of other good sites to check out regarding greening older housing… They’re very inspiring so have a look:


    Many blessings, Aranya

  2. dibnah says:

    Thank’s Aranya for your comment, you have long been an inspiration to me.


  3. I like 🙂 Makes a lot of sense, plus you get to express yourself.

    Enjoying your blog – will watch with interest.

  4. sophie says:

    oh how i wish i could persuade my husband to have a kitchen like that when we renovate our ruin.

  5. Bettina says:

    Wow! Great site. It’s so good to find someone so inspiring. I’ve got to dash off into the day but look forward to this evening, when I can read some more and look at some of your interesting links.
    We try to encourage people to protect Lincoln’s Urban Fringe with our website Riseholmegreenscape
    Think globally, but act locally.
    Rene Dubos, 1981.

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