global warming who cares ?

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I keep reading websites and blogs- most of them American- which state that there are still no direct causes between man and global warming and that man made global warming is just a myth. I t appears that many meteorologists are sceptical about global warming.

In the media we are still arguing over whether it is true or not? Are we in for a warmer climate? are the sea levels going to rise ? are we going to have a new ice age? My answer to all those sceptical people is who cares?

If it is happening or not, is it not a good thing, that we are collectively thinking about our environment? is it not a good thing that we are taking steps to reduce the ammount of waste we each produce? The new interest in global warming and environmental issues can only be a good thing, right?

To me it does not matter why people are starting to recycle and think about where their produce comes from or how much waste they produce, it’s the fact that they are doing it. Whether you are thinking about the environment, money or living a lower impact lifestyle, the less we consume, the less we produce and the less fossil feuls we use the better.

If it takes the fear of climate change to wake up some people to the fact that we are living a vulgar and non sustainable existance, good. The fact is that we are, polluting the planet, nobody can argue that, so therefore reducing our personal environmental effect is a good thing.

If in the news it said “we were all wrong about climate change” how many people would stop taking an interest and forget recycling and where their food comes from? Climate change is not a single issue but seems to attract a single minded attitude, our planet is constantly being polluted, day and night, if this changes the climate or not, should we not try and do something about it?


7 thoughts on “global warming who cares ?

  1. gullybogan says:

    Global Warming is real. And we are causing it.

    We are unarguably spending every day of our lives destroying the world as we know it, and we’re still arguing about whether or not it’s even happening, rather than arguing about what we can do to stop it.

    Of course, the world will go on. It has suffered catastrophic climate change before.

    It may just go on without us, though.

  2. dibnah says:

    yes I agree, I just get anoyed at all the time that is wasted talking about it instead of acting on it.

    I also feel that the lack of belief in climate change causes people not to act as they don’t know what to believe.

  3. kethry says:

    i think as well, for people who haven’t really thought about what it all means, they’ve just heard the part about Britain getting warmer, a med climate… as Jeremy Clarkson put it.. “this is a bad thing, how?” what they haven’t thought about is the knock on effects of all that. but you don’t need me to tell you those. 🙂


  4. anna says:

    Your right Dibnah. I don’t know much about poli’s, but it seems like they make the most of the fear mongering through the media and this is often used as an excuse for putting off the doing. We need to be action based and to lead from getting our hands dirty. It helps when there’s folks like yourself who do just that. This inspires me to make a bigger effort.

  5. Ian Bolton says:

    The fact we all choose to live in fear makes me laugh. Okay, I don’t make as much effort as I should, but I walk everywhere, eat more healthy than ever and get frustrated by those who walk thoughtlessly on a planet which is obviously going to ruin. We get taught from a young age what’s right and wrong, maybe we should be taught how to work out whether something is bullshit or not too. We seem to go from one conspiracy theory to the other because people have lost belief in themselves, and just love to follow others into their fancy little dream worlds. Come on, start thinking for yourselves for once and stop living like headless chickens.

  6. dibnah says:

    True bolton very true

  7. Ian Bolton says:

    Just you wait til I get the internet at my flat, we can have BLOG wars.


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