are you local ?

Buying local is not just about supporting your community it’s about reducing food miles and eating seasonally. Many people don’t buy local or organic produce because of the price but to me it’s no contest, I’d rather pay more money than have the environment pay for it through chemicals and carbon emissions. Tomatoes from south Africa may be cheap but think about all the systems that have to be in place to simply get them to you.

Ditch the supermarket and get to know your local butcher and grocer, there produce is not only better they know where it came from and you might even become friends.

Local produce is as important as growing your own, many people don’t have the room or time to garden so buying local means you are still supporting your community and eating ethically.

Many places now do veg box schemes so there’s no excuse even if you are a busy workaholic. Find yours here or here

If you have the great pleasure of living in Scunthorpe then this is yours it’s a veg box scheme near Gaisborough with quite reasonable prices.


3 thoughts on “are you local ?

  1. Henrik says:

    Thanks for popping by my blog. There are some pics from the allotmenthouse on my (deprecated) danish weblog at
    great blog – I’ll add your feed straight away!

  2. Hi,
    Unfortunately your links in this article don’t work – but I get the idea with a little of copy and paste magic. Great work though – keep it up!

  3. dibnah says:

    Sorry my computer skills need a little work.

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