tree onions, books and razor clams

I’ve not posted for a while as I have been away on a free holiday with the lad, free, as I went to stay with my grandparents for the weekend. I did feel slightly guilty as I use it as an excuse to do not alot but read and beach comb, for a few days. I love to go there to recharge my batteries in the sea air and not have to cook and clean for a weekend. It’s on a great part of the coast line as it still feels wild and left to the elements. I have gone there since being a child so there is a sence of nostalgia too.

Firstly I would like to thank ‘oneforthepot’ from the rivercottage forum, for posting me tree onion bulbs from his own garden, who said community was dead? I planted them straight in the garden friday morning, they will make a great addition to my perennial veg garden. I had looked everywhere but was unable to source any so the offer of free bulbs was very much apreciated.

I had a great weekend and got loads of reading done, a chance to read over Patrick’s earth care manual again. I have been thinking of doing my Permaculture Diploma so thought that I would re-read the manual. People may think me crazy but a weekend reading about soil and compost is a dream come true. I have also been looking at John Seymours first addition self-sufficiency book, in some ways I think that its better than the revised addition, as it’s more focused on growing veg.

I spent far too long today trying to extract razor clams out of the sand using the salt method. Now I have seen this done a number of times on TV, and it all looks very easy, it’s not. I think I may have needed to wait untill the tide was fully out but it was possibly my technique!! It is quite easy to spot the holes or what I though were the holes, I put enough salt in to raise the Titanic but nothing happened but I will try next time and take photos.


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