Complaint update

here is the reply, regarding my complaint against a littering dustbin lorry driver.

Dear Mr Jones

I am writing in response to your recent email in which you raised your concerns over the actions of one of our employees.

The matter has been investigated by the line manager responsible and appropriate action taken.

It is disappointing when incidents such as this occur particularly in-light of the efforts being made by the Council to improve the environment we live in.

I have been informed that the person concerned is remorseful of his actions and has received further counselling as to his responsibilities and obligations as an employee of the council.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely

P Hotchin
Divisional Manager

This e-mail expresses the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the view of the Council. Please be aware that anything included in an e-mail may have to be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act and cannot be regarded as confidential


11 thoughts on “Complaint update

  1. angrymango says:

    Oh dear. He has had to have ‘counselling’ because of you. Lol :o)

    Well done you.

    H. xxx

  2. angrymango says:

    Hey! I’m not Angrymango. I’m Angrymango’s better half!

  3. dibnah says:

    Which half is that, top or bottom??

  4. stonehead says:

    I love the way “counselling” is the answer to everything. You can just see the bin man being asked about to confront his various neuroses and examine how they led to him becoming a litter lout. LOL.

  5. dibnah says:

    What anoys me is the fact that if a council worker litters he is offered counselling, where as if I was caught it would be a £1000 fine. You can also be fined now for putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin.

    I did not realise you could get counselling for being an idiot.

  6. Alyx says:

    Imagining Council worker laying in darkened room on sofa talking to a psychiatrist about how he has become the person he is today.


  7. dibnah says:

    I just had a guy round today selling cavity wall insulation and he was the most pushy arsehole I’ve ever dealt with, he would not leave.

    I feel another complaint coming on.

  8. stonehead says:

    I’m giggling hysterically about your last comment. The image of a pushy aresole selling cavity insulation is just too much!

  9. dibnah says:

    I had not been up long and have a cold again, I had a rare lie in then this fool turns up I told him I was not interested,

    he said”I’m just doing my job, and I’m doing you a favour, mate”
    I said ” you’ll do me a favour by leaving”
    him, ” I can’t see why you would turn me down”
    me ” bye” close door swear and moan.

    I hate the cheek of them, I can see their training now, don’t take no for an answer.

  10. Alyx says:

    Not a good image in my head now, thanks to Stonehead – hahaha!!

  11. Hey
    I missed this – well done to you. I am feeling jealous as whenever I’ve complained to the council about anything I never get an admission of guilt or responsibility. If you feel like blogging any tips ….

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at the counselling session – what a bizarre notion – he’ll probably get a day off to attend too!


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