littering idiot

I am so mad this morning as I walked back from dropping the little lad at Nursery, I passed a dustbin lorry only to see the driver drop a wrapper out of the window and onto the floor! I expect that that this is Scunthorpe council’s policy on waste to keep road sweepers in a job. I would have said something but I’m not a big bloke and he was. I can’t explain how mad this makes me, not only is it a lack of respect for his and my environment but it is not the first time that I have had to go into the street after the bin men have been and pick up rubbish that was not there before.

After getting no joy over the phone this is the email I wrote to Scunthorpe council’s customer services and as many other e-mails as I could find.

dear sir/madam

I am writing to complain about an incident which I witnessed this morning, I am not in the habit of complaining but this was unbelievable. As I walked passed a dustbin lorry on MORLEY RD DN172DN the driver dropped a chocolate rapper out of the window and on to the road. The registration number was Y942 0FU.

How can people expect to be greener and kinder to the environment when the very people who are supposed to be the stewards of the streets have no respect for their environment themselves. This is the reason there is so much rubbish on the streets, lack of respect and lack of education. I make great attempts at lowering my carbon footprint and minimizing my waste that goes into landfill and this sort of thing makes me very annoyed.

Antony Jones


9 thoughts on “littering idiot

  1. Sarah says:

    Hear Hear.
    Not so long ago i was sat in my driving instructors car just outside my house, behind the recycling lorry. The guy kicked open my front gate, took the boxes and emptied them, threw them back from the road into our driveway, and spat heartily onto the ground. Lovely. I’ll no doubt find when our recycling box needs replacing due to misuse i’ll be the one who has to pay for it.

  2. kethry says:

    you should try living round here.. the amount of rubbish that gets dumped in our garden is quite incredible. i’ll have to take a photo of it as it is now. and its not blown in stuff either – its all empty drinks bottles, cans, where they’ve been thrown by people.. grrrrrrr!

  3. Alyx says:

    OOOOOooooh This subject makes me MAD!!!!! Every single time I head into a main town or city – I’m guaranteed to see someone drop an empty pack of cigs or packet, and why – when there’s a bin 20 yards away from them!!! I have said stuff to people in the past but you’ve got to make a quick judgement whether its going to be okay to say something first of all or whether you’re likely to get smacked for the trouble!! **GGRRrrrr!!!**

  4. Alyx says:

    (Cheers for that freecycle website too – I managed to get rid of a double bed frame that I’d had lying around for ages! It was so easy – no hassle at all, advertised and then the person collected on my chosen night) (Bobs your uncle and all that..haha!!)

  5. dibnah says:

    We have a scunny website dedicated to recycling and the environment, finally dragging ourselves out from the stoneage.

  6. Colin says:

    Good for you Ant…….

  7. dibnah says:

    here is the reply I have had so far

    Dear Sir

    I write to confirm receipt of your enquiry, which was received on 1 February 2007 and is now being processed.

    Your enquiry has been forwarded to the relevant service area.

    If we are unable to deal or have any delays with your enquiry, we will contact you with the reasons for the delay.

    As part of our duty to advise and assist you with your enquiry, should you have any further queries, please use either of the addresses below stating; your name and address.

    Customer Service Enquiries
    Pittwood House
    Ashby Road
    DN16 1AB

    Or Email:

    Yours faithfully

    Customer Service

  8. Pal says:

    “Chocolate rapper” sounds pretty rasist to me. I think you need counselling. Or a £1000 fine.


  9. Pal says:

    To make a joke about bad typing and then mistype it… ARGHH!

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