unlucky few weeks

I have not posted for a while as I ‘ve been in the worst health for a few years, getting a cold which turned into a flu then finally get better and get toothache which has now turned into an abscess meaning my face is all swollen on the left side but at least the pain has gone away. I treat toothache with clove oil for pain as it seems to work really well for me and salt water for the abscess which kills bacteria. Luckily it’s in a tooth which needs to be pulled anyway so the pain is not so bad, I will have to get some antibiotics soon though so that the infection does not spread.

Also the old lady who’s garden I’m trying to buy off the council has moved out, I’m glad that she has finally got somewhere smaller as it was causing her alot of stress looking after a house on her own. However part of me is worried that if they move a family in with three kids they will not want to lose the garden. I tried to phone the planning officer but he is off sick, bugger.

I also missed the Farmers market again, it’s on once a mounth I have never been able to get there in the past as it is in a local village but this time I had worked out the bus route and it was a beautiful day, well there is always next time.

The house work is piling up, and I’ve neglected the little lad over the past few weeks as I’ve not had the energy to entertain him, I just want to get back to normal now. It’s times like these which really test you , it would have been all to easy to get a take out or not not bother where the shopping comes from. Even though I’ve felt like crap I’ve tried to keep to my ethics throughout. Family and friends become more important too I would not have been able to cope without the support of everyone, meals cooked by my mother-in-law etc even the kids helped. Being the one who normally does most of the housework and shopping I realise how important it is to have support when you get ill, this is why I think it’s important that the kids learn how to cook and wash up, it’s not only an important life skill but invaluable when somebody gets ill.

Thanks to everybody who has helped.


2 thoughts on “unlucky few weeks

  1. Hazel says:

    Give us a shout and we’ll give you a lift to the farmer’s market next time. I assume you mean the one in B?
    Glad you’re feeling better. What’s happened to your myspace thingy?
    H. xxx

  2. dibnah says:

    That will be great I always manage to have something else on. I got rid of my myspace account as it’s full of people I don’t know and I never speak too it’s just not doing anything for me. I always feel as if it is just using you to sell adverts.

    Myspace is dead long live the blog.

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