pheasants still hanging

The two brace of pheasants we aquired over a week and a half ago are still hanging, I have not had the chance to tackle them as I’ve had my first cold in 2 years, and I also want to pluck and draw it outside, as it’s my first time and I know I’ll make a mess and the weather has been shitty. I was worried that they had been hanging too long but a quick scan on the tinterweb showed that some old country types have left theres for up to four weeks! I think the rule is in cold weather it’s okay and to tust your nose, if it smells okay it’s still worth eating. Even if it’s slightly green it’s still apparently fine but I’ll let you know how I get on, I think there is still a level of the supermarket generation in me that might put me off a green pheasant.


9 thoughts on “pheasants still hanging

  1. Hazel says:

    *Projectile vomits over keyboard*

  2. dibnah says:

    I thought you might be more interested if they looked like veg!!!

  3. Greentwinsmummy says:

    The 2nd one I did was very slightly greeny hued in some areas I just kept plucking & got it over with,washed & in the oven as quick as possible,it didnt smell horrid,just gamey & tasted very nice

  4. dibnah says:

    I would do it today but this cold is beating me, and I’m worried it will fly away in this wind!

  5. Greentwinsmummy says:

    I havent tried the method myself but you can plunge the bird into boiling water 7 the feathers just come off apparantly,might be a bit quicker?theres some more details on INEBG forum but I cant recall who posted about it doh!Billy R I think?

  6. dibnah says:

    Yes it’s a great forum. Ithink also if you warm the bird first in a warm room it helps.

  7. Billy Rhomboid says:

    Dunking the bird in hot water for ten minutes before plucking is a very good idea – the feathers don’t quite fall out by themselves, but it’s much easier.
    Alternatively, unless you really need to keep the skin, just cut the skin up the middle of teh breast and peel them. MUCH easier and for casserole etc makes no odds at all.
    I will be doing a pic tutorial on both techniques this weekend over at Ludlow Survvor forum if you can wait that long.

  8. dibnah says:

    The butcher told me today that his father used to leave them hanging for three weeks but he plucks and draws his at about 3-5 days then puts them all in the fridge, thats fine if you have a large walk-in fridge but I like the idea of storing my food in alternatives to the freezer, even if that means a strong flavour. I have not had pheasant many times so I feel I need a bench mark on the strength scale, if I find it too strong I’ll know not to leave it so long next time.

  9. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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