warmest january on record

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In my garden spring has definatly spung, here are my daylillies sprouting already.

Will this mean a hot tropical summer? According to the UK Met office, yes it will, due to global warming coupled with an El Nino effect. But what will this mean for the environment? and if this a going to continue should we not start to prepare for a hotter environment? change our perception of the British summertime? even reviewing the growing seasons? Most importantly, now is the time to start to plan for a hotter summer than last year, to collect as much water as possible, while there is still some rain in the air. Last year was the first year that my water barrels ran dry in eight years.

I must admit though part of me is pleased I’ve hardly had the heating on, saving me money and even though last summer was sometimes a little too hot, there was part of me that felt it made up for all the wet caravan holidays I went on as a child. I think that for England the talk of global warming falls on deaf ears, we are so used to rain showers and miserable summers that the thought of it being hotter is a blessing. However the reality is that this country is not prepared or designed for this sort of hot weather, our homes for example are designed to be warmer in the winter not cooler in the summer, we still treat a hot day as a blessing a chance to get out and have a good time. It’s still only mad dogs and English men, that go out in the mid day sun.

Are we going to see the streets empty at mid-day as we all take siestas and people start to cover up in the sun to aviod skin cancer? Will we see school hours change in the summer so that our kids are not outside at mid-day? No we are going to see beaches full of red day trippers filling up the emergency rooms, hose pipe bans and old people dying of sun stroke. We are not prepared, we still can’t believe that this country can achieve those temperatures, this is why for many people sun tan lotion only comes out for two weeks a year and the rest of the time stays in the suitcase.

The education needs to available now while we have time to prepare, not in July when it’s too late.


3 thoughts on “warmest january on record

  1. Alyx says:

    I’m sure we all do our best not to contribute to messing this atmosphere up even more than it is already but you really have made me start thinking about what will happen as the months and years go on. Its a scary thought! It’s hard to look at the bigger picture sometimes when you get so wrapped up in your own little world and anything that you are directly involved in as opposed to looking outside the box. I wonder which government initiatives will be rolled out to better inform us? Probably…like you say – in 10 years time when its too late. Well perhaps with the stuff you are doing you could become a media campaigner on behalf of the masses???

  2. dibnah says:

    I think there are better qualified people already doing alot already.

    The conspiracy theorist in me would say that the government will not take steps to warn to public about the hottest summer on record in January incase we all decide not to fly abroad this year, costing the airline companys millions.

  3. Alyx says:

    Why are they better qualified? Just because they may be a professor or ‘professional’ doesn’t mean to say they will necessarily be better at getting the point across any differently. Anyway – the point is, you are getting your views and points across to the web-community and like you’ve said – 3000 hits is a hellova lot in 1 month!! Thats fantastic. I would rather take advice from someone like you, who is actually living the lifestyle as opposed to switching the news on and being told statistics by some proffessor whom I know nothing about… I’m waffling, I’m sorry. (Anyway – keep up the good work!!!)

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