buying gardens update

On thursday morning I phoned the planning manager to ask how things were going but again did not get to talk to him. However a secretary phoned me back and I asked her if the land resistary would be finished by febuary but she said it was taking longer than expected, there was a suriprse. She could not give me a date, I said would it be done by summer? but she would not say. The prospect of having to wait another six to eight months worries me, as the garden presently belongs to an elderly lady who tells me she is on the list for sheltered housing, if she were to move out and a family with three kids were to move in, they would be less likely to want to give up there garden. I must stop thinking about it and just get on with what I have got and just see what happens . I just hate to see such a large plot go to wasts year after year.


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