productive few days

The last few days have been very busy, firstly a reporter and a photographer came round on Thursday as they want to do an article on self sufficiency, they were here about an hour and I showed them round the house and garden. Then the photo guy took loads of cheesy pics of me with various things, I quite enjoyed it, my chance to play the fool. They then said that I should consider submitting an article which could turn into a regular column, which would be great, preaching permaculture to the citizens of scunthorpe. I also managed to get the weeks bread made while they were here, who said men can’t multi task.

Yesterday I went to visit my mother, well thats sort of lie I went to visit me veg patch, which is in my mums garden. After a half-hearted ten minutes, I got stuck in and got half of the patch weeded and mulched. I had the newspaper down but did not know what to put on to cover it, when the wife phoned from the stables, brilliant, straw! Sadly by the time she arrived it was dark, so I had to lay it down ninja style. I hope when I go today that there is not just a pile of straw in the middle of the lawn.

We also got a phone call from the game keeper yesterday saying he had three pheasants for us, which will be shot today and we can pick up sunday. All in all a very productive few days.


One thought on “productive few days

  1. Mel says:

    Wow, a regular column. That’s fantastic. Spread the word, brother!

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