Recycling christmas trees

We ended up keeping the fake tree this year and will put it on freecycle in a few days or in December, then go back to having a real tree again. Normally I would recycle the tree and not like many people who just throw it in the bin or by the side of the road. I strikes me as strange how a thing that can be treated with such respect one day and then thoughtlessly discarded the next.

Anyway this is how I use mine, this is assuming that you have at least a garden or an allotment plot. If you have neither I would suggest taking it to your local household recycling centre. Most of the eight million trees bought each Christmas will be thrown away after December, generating over 12,000 tonnes of additional rubbish. That’s nearly six times the weight of the London Eye. If you know somebody who does not no how to get rid of it offer to take theirs for them I’m sure they will be pleased.

Firstly I take the tree outdoors, next take an axe or saw and remove all the branches, keep all but the very smallest, dump the rest on the compost. These branches will become protection for peas and beans. They also will last you for a few years, so you end up with a collection.

Then place all the branches on a piece of tarp or in an old compost bag. If you do use a bag keep it in a dry place. Over time all the needles will fall off and you are left with a good mulch that will keep the slugs at bay, well some of them.

The main trunk has many uses, if you have a woodburning stove then it’s fuel. I take off about 12 inches from the thick end to make a mallet, which is great for non- delicate tasks. The rest of the trunk I use for climbing plants.

In my opinion this is the best way to recycle your tree, rather than it just being put through a shredder to make simple mulch. If I can aquire a tree I’ll take photos of the process, although I don’t want to ask too many people or I’ll end up with forty trees by the back door.


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