Barter economy

My friends father shoots rabbits locally and will often bring me round a fresh one from time to time. There will be a knock at the door and a guy with a smile on his face holding up a plastic bag, it always makes me laugh, there needs to be no words. However due to the recent cider being bottled I was able to offer payment, one bottle one rabbit. He normally gives it to me for nothing but I wanted to offer something this time.

I just hope that it will work when the game keeper my wife knows brings us some pheasants, I think it will be harder to convince him.


One thought on “Barter economy

  1. At last – I have found someone else who also eats and prepares rabbits!

    I have a friendly game keeper too – from whom I purchase mallard, pheasants, rabbits, I even had a couple of French partrige – great for our Christmas meal. Ate a nice roasted mallard today – and last time I got some off him – I got a free gift – a pigeon LOL

    Happy New Year

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