Daily Archives: December 28, 2006

potatoes to the door

A little old man in a boiler suit and flat cap, just knocked on the door asking if I wanted a sack of potatoes, for £5 I said yes please. The strange thing was I did not see him knock on any other doors just mine, our house must just look the type. Perhaps word is spreading of our ethical principals and farmers are bringing their produce straight to me. Regretfully he was not interested in bartering potatoes for cider, and no he didn’t taste it first, I think with it being the festive season he was just interested in cold hard cash, but I’ll keep trying.

Barter economy

My friends father shoots rabbits locally and will often bring me round a fresh one from time to time. There will be a knock at the door and a guy with a smile on his face holding up a plastic bag, it always makes me laugh, there needs to be no words. However due to the recent cider being bottled I was able to offer payment, one bottle one rabbit. He normally gives it to me for nothing but I wanted to offer something this time.

I just hope that it will work when the game keeper my wife knows brings us some pheasants, I think it will be harder to convince him.