Christmas eve

The house was full, family, friends, was I toasting the festive season no I was upstairs washing bottles in the bath and bottling up the cider, now thats commitment. Merry Christmas to you all.
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I ended up with 30 bottles but I’m sure I should have had more, thats why you should never leave a barrel unattended when drunk friends are round.


5 thoughts on “Christmas eve

  1. Ally says:

    Do you do this from your own apples? If so, roughly how many do you need to get five gallons of juice? I bottled out this year – someone gave me 36 pounds of bramleys and I’ve made wine with them; then I thought that I could have had a go at cider, but it’s not something I have any experience of (despite coming from Somerset!), so I went with what I knew – have six gallons of wine!

  2. dibnah says:

    From each press I get about 5 ltrs of juice. Each press is approximatly one or one and a half of a compost bag full of apples, I think. It’s my first time too. I thought that I had alot of apples but it only made 30ltrs.

    I got the apples from all over, a friend has a few trees I got some through freecycle, found some by the side of the road- a tree full- once people get to know you want them you get alot of offers.

  3. Billy Rhomboid says:

    Are you sure those bottles and corks are suitable for cider? I have had bad experiences with wine bottles – I use beer bottle with crown caps now.

  4. dibnah says:

    Why is that?

  5. Billy Rhomboid says:

    gaseousness (?) I presume. Pressure too great for thin wine bottle glass. I had a bunch which shattered at the neck mainly – same as bottling homebrew beer – champagne bottle seem okay – I guess they are thicker to cope with fizziness. This is not definitve by any stretch – I have only been making cider for a couple of years. RC forum might be a good place for a more authoritative answer.
    Of course a solutin would be to drink it before it becomes n issue. And indeed if there is a problem, it’s a good excuse to crack into it… 😉

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