Daily Archives: December 23, 2006

slowly changing

Buying organic or local produce has become second nature to me now, but it seems that the rest of the region is following suit. It may be a slow change but at least habbits are changing for the better. In our local paper it reports that our local farm shop owner
Mrs Jackson said:

“I have noticed an increase in the number of people we have had coming out here to visit the farm, especially since we were featured on UK Food.

“Across the region there has been a big increase in the number of people interested in organic local food and in cooking an organic Christmas dinner.

“Eating organic is the only way to be sure your food is free of chemicals and additives and if you buy locally as well you are sure the ingredients are the freshest possible.”

What is encouraging is that people are starting to make an impact on the organic market but is it because people are thinking about where their food comes from, or is it just the fact that the media monster has said so. Peoples habbits are changing but are we really making a conscious effort to be an ethical shopper ? or just following another trend ?

Most of this change in attitude must be put down to the media in the last year there has been much more coverage of green issues, every day now there seems to be be a radio programme or newspaper article, telling us what we should be doing, it’s unfortunate that eating ethically has to become fashionable before it can be accepted by the masses?