cold morning

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This the first day this winter that it was just too cold to just add another layer so the heating went on. This is officially, in our house, the latest day in the year we have gone without resorting to the heating. This year is deffinatly hotter than the last few years, but I’m waiting to see what feruary and march are like till I start digging a swimming pool.

Insulation is the key to keeping our house warm, before we had an extention built we had metal framed windows with gaps and no insulation in the loft or walls. Now we have it all, and the difference it has made is amazing. We have an open plan downstairs with four main rooms, but only three radiators, two of which are quite small. All of them have foil behind then so as to direct heat back into the room instead of heating the wall. We keep all the doors closed and close curtains and blinds as soon as the sun goes down. The heating will then go on at about 4 o’clock and off again at about 9 o’clock, this means it’s not too warm for the kids in bed, but warm enough for me untill I get my arse into bed.

We never have the heating on in the night I don’t see what for, you are wrapped in a duvet and blankets? We also sleep with the windows open, as me and my wife hate to sleep without the fresh air, and yes our bedroom is freezing in the morning. It makes you get dressed quicker. I’m not a sadist, if the kids are cold I will put the heating on, for a while but I’ll also ask them ot put thicker clothes on first, and then see if they are still cold.

I think that alot of people put the heating on through routine behavior, it’s winter we better put the heating on regardless of the temperature. Stick on a jumper wear a vest, make a cup of tea, forget fashion and be warm. Enjoy the different temperatures.


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