community shopping

This is an idea I’ve had for a while now, it’s by no means new but a great way to save money and be an ethical shopper but also you can gain a greater knowledge of the people who live around you who most of the time we never even know there names. Most of us who live in an average street in an urban area shop at the same shops and supermarkets as our neighbours, meaning in a street of say 50 houses there will be at least 50 trips to the supermarket each week normally in a car. Also there are often elderly people in the street that would be more than greatful of a helping hand with shopping.

What I want to set up in the new year is a shopping co-op with friends and neighbours so as to cut out the ammount of single trips to the super market and also try and encourage those who do not shop organically or ethically to do so, as well as this I hope that it will go some way to minimising the ammount of wastewe produce.

Many organic whole salers will only deal with you if you are a company or a co-op, rather than a single customer, Also buying in bulk is cheaper and saves on the environment as one large carton of washing up liquid is better than ten small ones. allow you to buy Ecover and other products in bulk, so for example you can buy 10kg bag of wash powder rather than the 1200g you get at the shop, its all very simple. We own a van which we are doing up as a camper so we have the scope to collect bulk orders. There is also a veg box sceme in the area.

The theory as ever is the easy part the test will be how many people I can convince to be involved. I know I have a few friends who possibly will be up for it, but the neighbours will be another matter as some of them I have never spoken to, and many already consider me to be slighty eccentric.


3 thoughts on “community shopping

  1. Hazel says:

    Slightly eccentric??? ;op
    From one weirdo to another.
    H. xxx

  2. dibnah says:

    Briton was built on eccentrics any other country in the world you are just considered crazy.

  3. mooominmama says:

    crazy or not its a very commendable (in the nicest sense) idea…maybe you could play on the eccentricity to drum up a bit of business!
    we’re very lucky in that we only really have 2 shops to choose from, a co-op and a wholesalers who do sell ecover in bulk…and deliver so we can get as much as we can on our bikes, but those big bags of washing powder weigh more than i can esaily pull home!
    i have a dream to set up my own box scheme… i am working on it, but spare fields to rent seem to be fairly scarce… oh well maybe next year…

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