The Dibnah small small holding in the news

I recieved an E-mail yesterday from a journalist of the local paper saying can we do a story on your scummy scunny scrumpy business. This was quite a shock not to be contacted by the paper but that I did not know that I had a business going. Where do people get this information from? Stonehead a fellow blogger from the wilds of Scotland (see blogroll) was also contacted yesterday by the BBC wanting to do some sort of review, but in true crofter style he told them that he was too busy to discuss it as he was baking prune flapjacks, now there is a man who has his priorities in order.

The institution wants to know what makes us crazy hippies tick.


4 thoughts on “The Dibnah small small holding in the news

  1. Alyx says:

    Whats come of this? Has anything been in the paper yet?

  2. dibnah says:

    Yes it’s still going ahead I’m just waiting for them to tell me when. The guy only wrote the article last week so I guess it takes time. I just hope I don’t miss it as I don’t get the local paper regular, last time I spoke to him he said I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Alyx says:

    Can you check it online?

  4. dibnah says:

    I don’t think so

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