the earth care manual

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A permaculture handbook

If you have questions about permaculture or just want to find out more, then this is the book. As well as answering any questions you may have, the earth care manual is about applying the principles, it is a book of solutions for our present situation, to be acted upon rather than dealing with how these situations have occured. For those who attend Patricks permaculture design course the book is the text to accompany each lesson.

1 what is permaculture
2 the principals
3 soil
4 climate and micro climate
5 water
6 energy and materials
7 buildings
8 gardens
9 fruit nuts and poultry
10 farms and food links
11 woodland
13the design process
14design skills and methods

I highly recomend this book, it is a must for anyone who is is interested in downshifting as well as permaculture.

other books by Patrick Whitefield

Permaculture in a nutshell
How to make a forest garden


One thought on “the earth care manual

  1. Rob Burns says:

    I got this book last year. Personally speaking, it’s the best book I have ever read.


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