Ethical Christmas

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I’d like to think that I could just leave Christmas this year, even though we never get into the big spend, the child in me still remembers the excitement around the run up to Christmas. Every year I moan on about consumerism and the fact that as a non practising Christian the celerbrations seems to be more the encouragement of greed and over indulgence. But we all no it’s failings as a festival, this is what I will be doing this year to try and resettle the balance.

I will not be sending cards to any friends or family. I have done this however for years, possibly more out of lazyness than the problem of waste paper. I do admit though to sending a few to neighbours who send one to us just so we can keep up politeness. This year I’m not sending them to them either I’ll just go round and wish them a merry Christmas, I may possibly learn a bit more about them.

I am very keen to have some sort of celebration on the 22nd for the solstice but I’m not sure yet what to do as long as it involves all the family .

I have also made a choice that I will only be buying gifts that have either no or minimal packaging, made by ourselfs or which are secondhand. I have already bought something for my youngest off ebay, which was not only half the price but hardly used. Many other presents include secondhand books and seasonal food. Next year I want to make a hamper for each member of the family, as always ment to do it this year but could not stop eating the jams and chutneys.

I will not be putting christmas lights outside the front of the house, not that we ever have a neon inflatable santa in the front garden, but we have a set of lights which we have on in the back for partys in the summer, and these normally get put up in the front. It’s not just the waste of electricity that bothers me it’s that idea of trying to better the neighbours, and the fact that most of the lights come from half way round the world and when a bulb goes it’s cheaper to buy a new set.

here is a on line ethical shop


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