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scummy Scunny Scrumpy 2

Today I started on the next batch of scrumpy, and I think that the frost may have helped break down the apples alot more than my first attempt as I got twice as much juice from three pressings than last time. Although washing the apples in freezing cold water was not as exciting.

here is a tip for anybody who is using a crank press for the first time, make sure that none of the blocks of wood are touching the sides, as I found out today after nearly breaking the thing.
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Here is the boy lending a helping hand
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This makes for a beautiful photo but the reality was very different.



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I have a love hate relationship with the tomatillo I love to eat them and add them to all manner of recipes, like chutney, soups, currys, salsa or just in salad but what I hate is having to peel them. Like in most of these situations I shout who want to help me cook normally to the sound of children running upstairs, but this time I fooled sorry involved my son into peeling the sticky buggers. For anybody who has never tried to grow them I would strongly recommend them they crop hard and you can have them well into november even after a light frost, they are also less work tham tomatos as they dont need pinching out.

It’s alive

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After yesterdays slight explosion I cleaned out the air locks and thought that was it only to find this morning it all up the wall and worktop in the utillity room, again. It better be worth it !!!

Beef Wellington

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My wife is so proud of this as it all went to plan.

1 kg Beef fillet
olive oil
100g butter
1 onion
250g mushrooms
3 cloves garlic
handful of parsley
2 tbs brandy
2 tbs double cream
375g puff pastry
1 egg, beaten

Pre heat oven to 220c ,season beef. Heat oil in a pan and brown the meat all over.Remove the meat and set it aside on the plate. Reduce the heat and add butter to the pan gently fry onion till soft. Add the mushrooms and garlic and cook for a futher 15 mins. Stir through the parsley and then add brandy, simmer for 5 mins and then add the cream and stir it through.Remove the pan from the heat. Roll out the pastry into a large square, big enough to wrap the meat in. Spread the cooled mushroom mixture over the pastry leaving about 3cm around the edge. Brush the edges with a little beaten egg. Place the meat in the middle and then bring up both sides so that they meet in the middle and pinch together, and tuck the ends under. Brush over with a bit more of the egg allow to dry and repeat. Then roast for 20/30 mins, leave to stand before carving.