Herb spiral

I finally got rid of the last patch of grass this March and turned an unproductive area of the garden into a herb spiral. The idea is that you gain more space by having different levels and the top part caters for herbs which require more drainage while the bottom part is better for herbs which like the soil damper and more shaded. It is the ideal place for it as although in the winter it is in alot of shadow in summer it’s in full sun and well protected on each side, but most importantly it’s close to the kitchen.

As I have a limited amount of space when I took up the lawn I could not pile up the sods and let them compost in the traditional way so I upturned them and used them to give me the hight I needed for the spiral, the rest was filled in with well rotted compost and a small amount of grit for the upper part so as to aid drainage. I decided not to put a pond in at the base as our garden has a healthy population of frogs and toads along with the fact that nextdoor has a large pond. All the brickwork paths are recycled from an old brick shed which I pulled down when we had an extention built.

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It was planted with parsley mint oregano rosemary lemon balm thyme sage rocket and borage. I wanted to plant it up with herbs which I use daily and others which would encourage me to experiment. I also planted basil from seed but could not save it from the slugs. Some of the most surprising successes were the mint, thyme and parsley which were all from the super market at about 50p each, and are still going strong now in december.

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Mid summer I also used the spaces to plant tomato and chilli peppers which turned out to be my best ever.
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Now in December there are still remnants of many of the herbs and the garlic I planted in november is just coming through the soil. Over all I think that it has been a success but I must admit to not ever using the lemon balm but it has a great aroma so it can stay.


3 thoughts on “Herb spiral

  1. Hazel says:

    Do you fancy coming and doing ours next? It’s quite big but very shitty :o(

    Great blog BTW.
    H. xxx

  2. dibnah says:

    Yes I can come and give you a hand if you wish

  3. tankgirl says:

    love the herb spiral, what a brill idea mate!

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