Buying gardens

Soon it will be time to apply again to buy the garden behind mine which currently belongs to an old lady but is still owned by the council. I applied in January of this year but was told that due to the council transfering ownership to the housing association, I would have to wait another year for the land registary to complete all the documentation.

It is a great plot of land about four times the size of my current garden which enough space for all my veg growing needs and some chickens too. If it goes through it will make a great difference to what I am able to achive. However as with all things of this nature I must stop dreaming about it untill I know for sure, too many morning I have spent looking longingly out of the bedroom window, planning where the compost heap will go and the best place for the polly tunnel.

This is a project that I have been trying to complete for many years now, when I first contacted the council about the land I was told that they did not ever sell gardens and that I was wasting my time. This was three years ago and last year I finally got to speak with the right person who told me that the reason more sales of this sort don’t happen, is that the secretary you speak to is not aware of it, or just a miserable idiot.

I contacted the council yesterday to see if everything was still on track and in true council style they had no record of my application and said that they would phone me back when the guy incharge had finished his lunch, needless to say I ‘m still waiting.

If you are considering this type of purchase you need to talk to your Business planning manager and ask about purchasing additional land, if you can stand the wait.


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